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To contribute more and better achievements from this new starting point

The voice of a national model worker Company's employee Mr.Zhou JiuqieOn April 27, 2010, I participated the award ceremony of Year 2010 National Model and Advanced Workers held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, with my special invited representative status of Ningde City. I felt deeply honored and excited to participate this great event. As a national model worker, I was very proud that I’ve boarded the majestic Tiananmen Square. Leaders of Central Government - General Secretary Mr Hu Jintao, Committee Chairman Mr Wu Bangguo, and Premier Mr Wen Jiabao, met with the representatives of national model workers in the Great Hall of the People, and awarded the honorary certificate and medal to us. I was sincerely felt grateful to the Party, Government and leaders from all level for their care and love for our workers.

As an ordinary worker like me, I just done what I should do, but the Party and Government had granted me this highest honor. To be named as a national model worker, I felt deeply honored and responsibilities with me. Award represents the past, the honor is today's starting point, I want to carry forward the glorious tradition of hard work from now on, work even harder to fulfill my current position, and continuously improve the quality of thought and moral constantly, eager to learn new knowledge, grasp new skills, explore into new technologies, and put in efforts to become a learning, knowledge-based, technology-based, innovative talent who required by the development of new era, to achieve top-notch performance in the rapid and sound growth of the enterprise, also make greater contribution for the development of the company and building of a harmonious society!


  • Company’s Gala Night

  • The exhibition of Company employees’ calligraphy, photography, card collections

  • The Company representative team to participate in the singing event

  • The Display of staffs’ card collections

  • Company workers’ sport day



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