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RongchangCompany andFuwen village hadjointly organizedthe thirdfarmers,workerspainting,photography exhibition


Rongchang and Fuwen village had jointlyorganizedthe thirdfarmers,workerspainting,photography exhibitionin FujianShunchangCounty Cultural Center28th April, 2013 morning.Li Jianhe (Shunchang County Party Secretary), Li Yuansheng (Vice Minister of Propaganda) and ShunchangCalligraphers Association, sports new bureau, Rongchangcompany, Dagantownship, Fuwen villageand other units ofthe principal leaders ofthe village, as well as painting, photography enthusiasts and more than 100people attendedthelaunching ceremony.
Thisexhibitiondisplayedmore than sixtypaintings, whereby mostlyof the paintings are contributed by Rongchangcompany and Fuwen village amateur painters and photography enthusiasts.The main display ofthe new rural constructionworks, businessesthriving scene andRongchangcompanypresenting its’ corporatecultureandvillage enterprises embarking a fruitfulresults.
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