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Bayer visits, exchanges of excellence
In June 2013, Bayerseniorchemical expertshad one week visit toour company,on exchanging the know-how of our products, technology, process and operating procedures and so on; seeking the future cooperation of technology services between Bayer and our company.
During the one week visit, Bayer expertshadvisited every productionsite of the Groupaccompanied by theGroup executives and themain technicalleaderships of different departments cum with the intensive discussion on products range,production technologyand operationalprocesses.
After visitingeach site, Bayerexperts has conducted series of evaluation towards company’s material efficiency, energyefficiency, asset utilization efficiency, supply chain efficiency and human resourcesefficiency based on "excellentmanagement"standard. The team has prolong it’s comprehensive assessment towards company’s current business management skills and commented that our company is leading in this industry. At the same time, some valuable suggestions had being sharedon managementskills anddevelopment directions.
The group president, Chen HongandBayerexpertswere satisfied with this technical visit and evaluation made. Both had expressed that a long term interaction within management level towards the technical know-how and corporations should be practiced.
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